Feb 20 - 22, 2017


Park Central, 50 - Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

In today's digital age, Enterprises are forced to be on top of the competition by meeting customer expectations, understanding the market and innovating at its pace. The challenge that most of them face in doing this balancing act right lies in their heterogeneous and complex IT landscape that doesn't share data within its systems, applications and geographies. This situation renders operational bottlenecks, poor control over business systems and no flexibility in integrating new processes with the existing one.

AURAS, a next generation integration platform, helps enterprises to integrate its data, system, applications, customer touch-points, IoT and external systems to be more agile while still ensuring enhanced user experience. Aspire's AURAS is built to be your enterprise's digital transformation accelerator so that you can power through technological transformations and disruptions with ease.

AURAS address the needs of key stakeholders by building an integrated environment; one that enables the enterprise to stay agile, partners to improvise revenue models and employees to achieves effective collaboration with departments so that they get access to information all the time.

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